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The Lift2Sell Pallet Merchandiser Lift is a truly innovative retail solution, both for the customers who shop the shelves and the employees who stock them. Large items normally need to be removed from their pallet, and placed by hand on bottom shelves. Stocking these low shelves is hard work for the employee, and equally hard for the customer to retrieve the item from the low position. The Lift2Sell Pallet Merchandiser completely transforms the experience. A pallet is loaded into the Lift2Sell Pallet Merchandiser via a pallet jack; no large, inconvenient forklifts necessary. The Lift keeps the merchandise at a consistent, ‘shop-able’ height, making the transition to the shopping cart effortless. Once the top row of product has been shopped, an electronic eye senses the missing items, and raises the next level within easy reach.

The Lift2Sell Pallet Merchandiser is designed to lift up to 3000lbs of product at a controlled rate, allowing a range of product from paper towels to 50lb bags of dog food and everything in-between. Equipped with safety features to prevent tampering, the Lift2Sell Pallet Merchandiser provides valuable billboard space, comfortable shopping position, and an efficient stocking system. Data shows that merchandise can see a 70% increase in sales when used with the Lift2Sell system. Available in full and half-pallet versions at Trinity Display

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